Helping to Improve Safety

Using these dissolvo labels helps reduce the risk of a foodborne illness outbreak resulting from cross- contamination from bacteria clinging to label adhesive. And because these labels completely dissolve, there’s no residue left to clog your drains.

Our Story

Picking The Right Materials

Eco friendly Bio degradable labels, adhesive and ink.


Designed to Perfection

We have been listening to the industry, foodservice and food manufacturing. Our Unique product works in the fridge and freezer. Also as glue completely disappears this mean less clean up time and more importantly less labour.


Pride in our Craft

We have a history of making specialised labels for specialised industries, finding a unique tailored solution for your needs.


Brilliant Minds

We will continue to develop labels for our customer needs, Or alternatively talk to us about an in-house printer and cutter where you can design and make your own custom made labels to any height you want.


Making spaces for incredible work —


With out technology making these special labels in scale we are able to pass on savings to customers.


Top quality Labels that work even in the fridge or freezer. Does exactly what it says on the box.


The industry have been telling us this is exactly what they have been looking for.


Eco friendly, with the Environment in mind. Totally Bio degradable labels, adhesive and ink. Recyclable packaging.

Made in australia

We proudly make these in house in our Brisbane manufacturing plant. We even make the dispensers.


If we don't have the label you are looking for we can help you print your own.