Dissolvo Labels —

feature a totally Bio-degradable eco friendly labels, adhesive and ink. Also in recyclable packaging  and will dissolve completely within seconds when immersed in  water of any temperature. These labels provide moderate tack and adhesion allowing them to stick to hard plastic and stainless steel containers. Dissolvability significantly reduces clean-up time and eliminates bacteria-harboring adhesive residue and build up.


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Best in Market —

Best in market

We strive to make the best in class products that actually do what we say they will on the box.


Our products work in a variety of temperatures including in fridges and freezers.


We strive to make our products out of 100% biodegradable Eco friendly goods and packaging

Made in Australia

We are proud to manufacture our products here in our Brisbane manufacturing plant.


Who We Are —

We specialise in making unique types of labels in Australia to solve solutions for the Laundry, Healthcare and Catering Industries.


Our story

Built with passion, buy with confidence —

We strive to provide the products our customers tell us they need.

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     I have worked in food service in the aged care industry for over 20 yrs, and finally a company has solved my worst problem, residue left on my trays and jugs, Thank you Filterfab

    Thank you Filterfab, because you gave me labels that completely dissolve in the dishwasher, I don’t have my staff scrubbing paper etc of items at the end of each day.
    Saves me time and wasted staff hours .